Ivery Sherman take pride in his work, by fulfilling their customer expectation in a timely fashion.  
Subsequently, we offer the highest quality in custom designs.  Therefore, let us assist you in creating a
unique personalized concept.

Ivery defines himself as a master craftsman and designer who has been creating and building furniture
since 1974. His artistic vision and skills with Art Deco Furniture, Salon Furniture and Audio Speakers are
displayed in my works.  The designs are handcrafted and shapely, with a blend of tone and texture to
achieve coherent composition.

Our Experience, Quality and Craftsmanship–as been building custom cabinets in all types of Materials
and Finishes used to construct our projects.

Attention to Details – our Craftsmanship has a keen sense for taking a closer look at the smallest details
such as book-matching grain patterns, accuracy in measuring, precise fitting of all joints, eliminating
sanding scratches and tool marks, and rubbing out a finish until its perfect.

Variety and Selection – I can make just about anything your imagination can come up with. We don’t
limit ourselves to only a few stock-made items. Most of our projects are totally unique and built to last

Customer Service and Satisfaction – We listen to you and incorporate your wants and ideas into the
design in every project, no matter the size or complexity. We involve you in the planning of your custom
piece in order to achieve your complete satisfaction.
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