Audio Speakers
Incomparable performance quality combined with traditional and contemporary/art deco styling.

Our Cabinet Speakers harmoniously blend high-end speaker technology with quality furniture
craftsmanship to create a serious, audiophile loudspeaker. It compliments your decor while delivering
true high fidelity sound that only a freestanding speaker can produce. With  Design By Ivery  
Speakers in your home instead of those big & clunky loudspeakers.

  • Crossover  3-way system
  • 3 inch Audax Tweeter 3,000-20,000 Hz.
  • 5.25 inch Pioneer Midrange driver 800-8,000 Hz.
  • Dayton 8 inch Woofer 29-3,000 Hz.
  • Midrange and Tweeter drivers are mounted in their own internal
    sub enclosures


Crossover Hz. Frequencies at 750-5000
Recommended power 75-200 watts per channel
8-ohm nominal impedance  
Finishes Available in Maple, Cherry, Mahogany, Oak veneer.
Typical setup for all above

8" to 12"  in Width
30" to 33" in High
12" to 6" in Depth

List Price 1,574.00 pair
Your Cost 875.00 pair

List Price 1,540.00 pair
Your Cost 765.00 pair

List Price 1,652.00 pair
Your Cost 975.00 pair

List Price 3,600.00 pair
Your Cost 2,855.00 pair

List Price 3,400.00 pair
Your Cost 2,4605.00 pair
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